If you are looking for a cabinet or a metal enclosure, you've come to the right place!


We are a producer of solutions for industry and ICT. A physical safety barrier along with filters, air conditioning and other elements keep your electronics safe. The importance of this element in your design could be compared to the importance of a house - a solid structure that will protect your treasures.

We design, prototype-eat and manufacture strictly personalized products, mainly made of steel sheet with Magnelis® coating, stainless steel, but also aluminum.

If you have strict guidelines and standards to meet, so much the better we'll go into details right away. However, if there is only a need and an outline of the idea, consultation with our designers will dispel any doubts.


Compose your cabinet

Select the environment in which the enclosure / cabinet will operate

Each of the cabinets can be ventilated or air-conditioned, above are typical solutions.

Width x Height x Depth in mm